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Repressing emotions allowed me to survive trauma, abuse, and single parenthood for almost a decade. During that time, I worked as a registered vet tech at an animal hospital pouring my compassionate and overwhelming need to rescue into animal welfare. I didn't realize that this external action of animal rights and rescue was based on the repressed internal cry and nudge to rescue myself, until finally, after completing animal reiki certification, I heard the whispers of my intuition. 

Reiki opened the door to self-healing and transformation. With newfound ability to feel again, I made MAJOR change. I moved to a cabin in the woods and finally began following a new voice I hadn't heard in quite some time - my intuition. I quit the monotonous 9-5 job and began a pet sitting & traveling animal nurse business promoting at-home medical, reiki, and hospice care for pets. With both of my daughters in school, I finally received the gift of time. And with that time, I began to heal. 

The main issues I needed to overcome included chronic PTSD, depression, anxiety that morphed into panic attacks, negative self-talk, low self-worth, & many, many more. I did not have the income or resources to attend therapy, retreats, meditation classes, yoga classes, coaching sessions, reiki sessions, or any alternative holistic modalities of healing. I only had nature, trail running, the lake, my pack of dogs, and books - and those became the teachers I was meant to learn from. My teachers were Earth, the forest, water, the four elements, wildlife, dogs, cats, and all of the fantastic spiritual authors of our time. 

During this self-discovery period that lasted for many years, I read hundreds of self-help or spiritual books, journaled, meditated, explored my mind, questioned everything, evaluated myself critically, uncovered every shadow, sat silently in meditation with Earth and wildlife, and listened to the secrets revealed in the silence of the forest. The more I healed and released limiting beliefs, the more my external life reflected this. Suddenly, I had enough income, resources, self-love, and belief in myself to go back to school. 

I wrote a spiritually inspired novel and completed my bachelor's degree in psychology right before summer arrived. I spent the break working part-time, indulging in an array of certifications before the two-year master's in counseling program would begin in autumn. During that time, I completed the reiki master practitioner and teacher training. I also became a life coach and a meditation & mindfulness instructor. Lastly, I began a hypnotherapist certification course and during the first class, a light switch turned on within my mind. The light switch of finding your true purpose

Self-hypnotherapy is exactly how I healed myself by myself. It allowed me to find the root cause to all of my issues. It brought forth forgiveness, compassion, and understanding. It removed limiting beliefs that kept me trapped inside a mindset of fear, which had previously prohibited me to accept or love myself. It freed me in every possible way. It didn't give me my life back - it allowed me to find a door to a new life that none of the ancestors who came before me ever found. I walked through the door leaving behind poverty, addictions, negative cycles, anxiety, depression, and generational suffering. 

At the completion of hypnotherapy school, I knew exactly what my purpose, dream, and mission would be. It would entail integrating all the tools, knowledge, experience, certifications, and degrees into one transformational healing session that will allow individuals to experience a full mind, body, energy, and spiritual shift. This session combines meditation, hypnotherapy regression, energy clearing and integration, reiki, and intuitive guidance and coaching together facilitating a life-changing experience. Additionally, these services are all offered separately as well. 

After the creation of my services, I founded Wildflower Wellness Center. Our goal is to offer assistance and guidance to others as they surpass limiting beliefs and fears, blossoming into the best version of themselves. Our purpose is to help others find freedom within the mind, stepping into their life purpose. And our mission is to offer resources, free support groups, classes, blog series, and books filled with magic and inspiration.

Thanks so much for reading my story. For more info about me, check out our blog or Facebook page. 


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