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Wildflower Tales Series

Are you ready to begin your Inner Healing Journey? If so, this book is a 4-part guide that will assist you on your pathway to heal holistically.

Wild Flower: Healing in Harmony with Earth

Self-Help Book

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Wild Soul: A Spiritual Journey
Fictional Novel

Are you ready to unleash your inner dragon and break the chains of oppression/abuse? If so, this book will guide you on your flight to freedom.

Wild Fire: Elemental Healing from Oppression

Self-Help Book

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Are you ready to discover how to heal your mind, body, & energy after trauma? Are you ready to embrace change instead of fear it? 

Wild Storm: Healing from Trauma and Embracing Change

Self-Help Book

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Are you ready to follow the footsteps of animal wisdom to incorporate their teachings, which will irradicate stress & resistance from your life?

Wildlife Whispers: Healing in Harmony with Animals

Self-Help Book

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Self-Reiki & Self-Hypnosis: Mind, Body, & Energy Transformational Guide

Coursebook for Reiki, Level I, and Self-Hypnosis

Self-Help Book

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Are you ready to experience a spiritual journey that reveals insights, wisdoms, and the Moon Prophecy?

Wild Soul: A Spiritual Tale

Fictional Novel

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Wild Soul II: Seven Lives

Fictional Novel

WILD FLOWER (13 × 9 in) (17)_edited.jpg

Dragon Tales: Lessons of Love

A Quest to the Heart

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