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Wildflower Wellness Journey

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Wildflower Wellness Journey is an online self-help program that will guide you on your Inner Healing Journey after abuse, oppression, domestic violence, narcissistic relationships, trauma, or PTSD. Divided into three phases, this program involves weekly engagement with writing prompts and prerecorded audio sessions, including guided Reiki sessions, Higher-Self-Journeys, a Past Life Regression, & Guided Visualization Meditations. Evolve into your Higher Self to discover your heart's dreams, soul's purpose, and inner truth. Wildflower Wellness Center has ONE mission – to help individuals find capability within themselves to recover and heal themselves! The greatest healer, guide, and support system dwells within you. To find it, you simply just need to begin the journey inward. During this internal journey, you will activate self-love, discover true self-worth, and surpass limiting beliefs and fears, blossoming into the best version of yourself. Self-love is the magical elixir that allows you to rewrite your story from a series of powerless moments into a tale of empowerment.  What benefits will I receive in each phase? Phase 1 (Body & Energy Connection): Reiki, Grounding, Meditation, Reconnection Phase 2 (Mind Clearing): Reprogramming, Activating, Connecting, Discovering Phase 3 (Soul Discovery): Coaching, Dream-Building, Growth Plan


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Wildflower Wellness Journey


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