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Additional Information about Services

1.) Hypnotherapy Consultation - This discussion will focus on introductions, answering any questions about the process of hypnotherapy, identifying the issue or area to explore during the regression, and creating session goals.

2.) Hypnotherapy Regression - Hypnotherapy regressions allow you to safely enter a deep meditative state in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind holds all of our thoughts, ideas, emotions, and beliefs from this life and past lives. Within this space, we can access what is hidden or repressed. As we explore your subconscious mind, we will find that all your 'problems' connect to one another in the root system of your mind. Your belief system. Exploring this system allows you to overcome any problem, including reframing limiting beliefs, uncovering fears, overcoming addictions or low self-esteem, exploring the depths of depression and anxiety, and reprograming outdated conditioning. This session also includes Energy Clearing & Energy Integration, facilitating a full mind, body, and energy transformation. Hypnosis regressions require a consultation, which is available at no charge. For more information about the benefits of hypnotherapy, check out our information sheet under Session Forms or our weekly blog.

3.) Energy Retrieval Hypnotherapy Regression - ​Trauma takes away so much more than the time it took for the negative event to occur. A small piece of yourself is lost during traumas, causing your mind to travel back to that experience over and over again. Long after the experience, triggers arise unexpectedly, beginning the tornado that takes your mind away from now, traveling at fast and destructive speeds to then. During this session, we will travel back to the trauma. Our purpose is NOT to replay this event, but instead, find the aspect of yourself lost during the trauma, igniting forgiveness, compassion, peace, transformation, new beliefs, and understanding.

4.) Hypnotherapy & Reiki Combination - Combine a Hypnotherapy Regression with Reiki for a full spectrum mind, body, energy, and spiritual transformation. This is our signature session created by combining meditation, hypnotherapy regression, energy clearing and integration, and reiki.

5.) Reiki Session - Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and an alternative healing technique based on channeling energy to activate natural healing processes, restoring physical and emotional well-being. This session is available virtually or in-person. Combine this session with a Hypnotherapy Regression for a full mind, body, energy, & spiritual transformation.

6.) Animal Reiki - As a registered veterinary technician and animal reiki practitioner, I also offer local at-home reiki, medical care, and/or hospice care visits for companion animals. These visits take place at your home where your animal is most comfortable. Typical medical care visits include administering subcutaneous fluids, injectable medications, or oral medication. Reiki sessions are offered for 20-30 minutes prior to medical care to ensure your pet is at the optimal level of feeling comfortable and relaxed. Additionally, I am available as support for you and your animal companion during the euthanasia process.

7.) Intuitive Life Coaching Session - You are whole, not broken, and any advice that you need resides within you. During this session, we will explore a blocked or problematic area, and through questions and intuition, find reliable solutions. This session involves creating an action plan and identifying necessary steps to reach a goal.

8.) Karmic Chart Reading - According to Buddhism philosophy, we travel in karmic wheels every 12 years where the same karmic pattern repeats itself, amplifying with intensity. These patterns are lessons, and once learned, the lessons lead to the obtainment of virtues needed to reach a higher state of being. Karmic charts identify and pinpoint your exact location on the karmic wheel, highlight what is coming, identify karmic relationships, and allow you to uncover details in relation to karmic patterns. This reading requires filling out a pre-session form to gather necessary information prior to scheduled session.

9.) Tarot Reading - Do you have a question about a particular area of your life? Family? Home? Career? Purpose? Tarot cards represent the journey of the self. The cards allow you to connect to the past, present, and future, which all live within you. Tarot helps identify blocks, visualize what is hidden, and connect to outcomes of questions. During a tarot reading, it is advisable to ask open-ended questions regarding movement of which direction to travel.

10.) Reiki - Level I, II, & III Courses - Become a certified Master Reiki Practitioner/Teacher with optional Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification. This course is divided into two parts (Level I & II, then Level III). The fee covers all three levels. Levels I & II combined course includes 5 hours of coursework, one attunement, and your Reiki Practitioner certificate. Level III will be available when you feel ready to progress onto the final, master teacher level. It is recommended to wait 6 months in between classes, so you have time to adjust to subsequent energy shifts and changes. Level III course includes 5 hours of coursework, one attunement, a final project, and your Master Reiki Practitioner/Teacher certificate. If only interested in Level I & II, enter promo code ReikiPractitioner for discounted rate.

11.) Self-Hypnosis & Meditation Class - This class includes a hypnotherapy regression, where we will explore an area in which you wish to find answers or stimulate major change. Afterward, we will discuss the process, enabling you to begin exploring your subconscious mind at home in deep meditative states. Exploring this area at home can allow you to resolve past memories and experiences, overcome addictions, reprogram your reactions, and find peace and wellness in your mindset. This course will last for three hours and includes a one-hour follow-up phone call.

12.) Plans & Packages - Coming this Autumn, we will have discounted individually tailored plans and packages for Hypnotherapy regressions, Energy clearing & integration, Reiki, and Intuitive Coaching based on your specific needs to offer support during your self-healing and transformational journey.

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