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Family Recovery Coaching Plan

Six weekly sessions to receive supportive coaching while you and your family begin to recover.

  • 1 h
  • 80 US dollars
  • VIRTUAL - Zoom

Service Description

Abuse, chronic trauma, narcissistic relationships, or domestic violence causes a stressful and chaotic household family dynamic. Household members who live in this survival state might experience heightened emotional reactions, increased conflict, control issues, hyperfixation, and the development of limiting beliefs. Other symptoms include low self-worth, lack of confidence, confusion, self-doubt, disbelief in yourself, and holding onto shame and guilt that you struggle to release. If a parent leaves, children might suffer from abandonment issues and feel as if they are unworthy or unwanted. Family members might also experience trust issues and resentment, which breaks the foundation that healthy relationships need to thrive. What will happen during each family session? 1.) All behaviors reflect underlying needs. Family members will be guided to move beneath the dysfunctional behavior to determine what their needs are. 2.) Family members will explore how to move from conflict to compromise. 3.) Family members will move through limiting beliefs and fears that developed from the abuse to release and reframe these. 2.) By reconnecting to family member's strengths, positive attributes, and natural skills, family members will move from a stressful family dynamic of division into a unified team. What benefits will we receive? -Discover all family member's needs and determine how to meet them -Discover solutions and compromise to family member conflicts -Create a stable foundation and strong system -Reclaim the power lost from the abusive living situation -Reconnect to self-esteem, confidence, and your authentic self -Release shame and guilt -Reframe the abusive experiences -Find forgiveness, acceptance, and closure

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations require 24 hour notice for refunds.

Contact Details

  • 115 North College Avenue suite 213, Bloomington, IN, USA

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