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Recurring Intuitive Reiki Session

Recommended if you have emotional dissociation/repression - please read the full description.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 133 US dollars
  • Uptown Plaza

Service Description

Dissociation is common after trauma, during survival mode, or due to repression that was learned during childhood - but what really is this disconnection? It is a disconnect between the mind & our energy field. It causes us to have the logical awareness and understanding about past or current experiences, but we can’t connect our emotional processing to that, which is necessary to process. I offer Reiki & Hypnosis visualizations combined, which allows individuals to connect the mind & energy back together. Reconnection IS the first step to heal. Common signs you are disconnected: 🌟You don’t feel emotional responses or they are incredibly delayed. 🌟You have unexpected fight-or-flight/panic symptoms - it’s as if your emotions are operating with their own agenda, and it’s one you don’t understand. 🌟You are able to carry on normally and function after really negative experiences. 🌟You struggle immensely to RECEIVE from others. 🌟You struggle with communicating about your emotions to others. 🌟You refuse to think about the past. 🌟You hate reminders that trigger you to your past. 🌟You can only have emotions when alone, and most likely, this is after you’ve been through A LOT. 🌟You feel numb. 🌟You can “turn off a switch.” 🌟You need to always be in CONTROL. A lot of stimuli around you can feel overwhelming because it all signals that you aren’t in control. 🌟Your mind dwells and ruminates about the past, but because there are no emotions that surface, you don’t understand why you can’t let this go. 🌟You prefer to be alone and avoid social interactions. 🌟You fear rejection from others, so avoid making close connections. 🌟It is hard for you to root down into your present environment & you always feel as if you’re searching for home. 🌟You feel alienated and disconnected. You feel as if you don’t belong here. You question why you are here. 🌟You fear close connection as much as you avoid having it. 🌟You wish that you could just be normal. 🌟You feel disconnected from your “authentic self,” and have a hard time even connecting to it. And if you are connected, you definitely don’t reveal these aspects to anyone. This session includes 30 minutes of discussion before and after regarding your emotional/energetic healing journey along with a one hour session of intuitive reiki.

Contact Details

  • 115 N College Ave suite 213, Bloomington, IN 47404, USA


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