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"Honestly, I have no words as to how amazing Megan was in our hypnosis regression session. At first, I was a little skeptical about how this was going to go especially because I had personally never heard of hypnosis regression before, but I am so happy to say that there were absolutely no regrets in booking a session with her. The breakthroughs that we were able to discover within our one-hour session were truly life-altering, eye-opening and honestly, incredibly healing. Thank you Megan for making me feel more than just a client, for listening and speaking to me with great compassion, warmth and empathy."

-Bec T.

"I have always been someone open to healing experiences from nearly every corner of holistic medicine. I was familiar with the benefits of reiki through both personal experience and shared testimony from trusted loved ones. I attended one of Megan's full reiki and hypnotherapy regression sessions with good sturdy hopes for some positive benefit...but I wasn't prepared for the level of healing that this session was able to give me. I am being 100% transparent when I say that although I came into the session already a "believer" in this type of work I was profoundly astonished...awestruck by my experience. I uncovered truths about my lifelong subconscious belief systems and with Megan's guidance I was able to truly heal and reconstruct those beliefs from the root that they came from. I know it may perhaps sound corny or even like a massive ton of hogwash to some...but from the very bottom of my heart I stand here as a witness to the incredible gift Megan has. I was literally blown away...moved to uncontrollable tears, and my life has changed in ways I NEVER expected or imagined even as a BELIEVER going into it. It is my personal opinion that Megan is a truly gifted healer that goes beyond simply being a practitioner of these modalities. She helped me to heal to a degree that I had not thought possible and I am forever changed and eternally grateful. Do yourself a favor and allow this to be something you invest in. Truly incredible.

-Leah Y.

“Megan is very talented. My hypnotherapy session was a powerful, healing journey to a past lifetime. Megan helped me work through that lifetime to heal an aspect of this one. It was a journey of release, understanding, unconditional forgiveness, and unconditional love. I now have some meditation images that I can use in this lifetime to further my healing and spiritual growth. Be open and see what you will find. Thank you Megan!

-Elisa P.

“I had an amazing hypnotherapy session with Megan where she helped me with a past life regression. I’ve had this scene stuck in my head I just kept replaying. I thought for a while maybe it was just a dream but it felt too significant. I just couldn’t seem to work through it on my own. Megan helped me find what I needed to do in that memory to receive closure and reprogram beliefs I was unknowingly clinging to. It’s something you really need to try for yourself to believe!"

-Maria T.

"I had the most powerful experience during a hypnotherapy session with Megan. I was able to receive guidance and answers to the obstacles I am currently facing and really understand why this is coming up in my life right now. Megan held space for me beautifully and supported and guided me on my journey with compassion and support. The healing and releasing session at the end was amazing. Have never experienced that before with hypnotherapy and it really helped me let go of the cycles I have been living. Highly recommend booking a session!!"

-Julianna W.

"I've experienced adult trauma for over 25 years, which left me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually drained and depleted. I've seen quite a few practitioners to help me through all of this. Out of them all, Megan has brought about the most transformational healing on many levels. She has given me the greatest life-changing insights to my most difficult challenges, providing answers that made everything crystal clear. I went from confusion to peace in one session - it was a mind-blowing feeling of freedom. And she does it all so calmly, graciously, yet so powerfully. I will share one particular issue in particular -- I have suffered from chronic fatigue for decades, and Megan helped me connect the dots in understanding the full picture in a way I've never thought possible. I was finally able to take actual action on resolving a major problem that had gone on for years immediately after my session. I've never experienced that kind of empowerment. It felt like a real change in my heart, mind, and body all at the same time. At the end of every session, I experienced the greatest sense of peace, clarity, hope, and power. I am amazed and in indescribable awe at how she does what she does with such grace and ease. I trust her completely as a safe place to work through all the areas that have plagued me for years. I've always heard the term 'miracle worker,' but never really grasped what that meant personally until now. Megan has taken the most overwhelming traumas in my life, transforming my mind at a deep level. Please don't hem and haw like I did. Do yourself one of the biggest favors - if not the biggest favor - you've ever done for yourself and set up an appointment with Megan. I had no idea the healing, peace, and freedom awaiting me. Writing this review has been a part of my healing process as well because now, I understand with even greater depth the gratitude I have for what Megan has made possible in my life for my future!"

-Sharon T.

"Megan opened up a memory that has literally changed my life. I used the wisdom I have today to rewrite my past. I could see so much I couldn’t see before. This experience was beyond transformational. I recommend Megan so much for hypnotherapy regressions."

-Maggie R.

"As everyone is about things they aren't sure of, I was skeptical about hypnotherapy. I met Megan while fishing on a lake and I was on that lake to clear my mind of everything that was consuming it. I came across this woman, sitting on top of a park bench writing in her journal. I said to her, "perfect spot!" As it was an amazing spot to write and clear a conscience, which, she was there to write, and I was there to clear my conscience, as coincidence would have it. As I passed her, my inner voice said twice to me, "does she meditate?", because in my faith, God has really been pressing me to meditate to better listen to the silence, whatever that means. I ignored it and kept walking and it came ack louder, "does she meditate?" I'm a Christian man by faith and I've really been dealing with some seriously overwhelming and very heavy issues. And I normally wouldn't take to a stranger but I stopped, turned, and asked, "do you meditate?" Wow. We had an hour long conversation... and last Saturday we had our first hypnotherapy session and in the first session, she went directly to the base of everything. I knew where my fear started. She walked me through it. And all these years I forgot the forgiveness that was given to me so many years ago and I only held onto the pain. So many years. Her voice was soothing and her knowledge was exact. I remember so many things I had forgotten... in just one session. My faith led me directly to her on that lake that day, and whoever she is, I can see my path. Clearly. The world of hypnotherapy is bizarre for people like me, but I can't deny the reason I was on the lake that day and the person I just randomly ran into It wasn't random at all. It was planned. And Megan was a part of that plan. I couldn't be more thankful."

-John P.

"I saw Megan for my first ever experience with Reiki and she helped me feel safe and comfortable throughout the process and I was surprised by how much I was able to get out of my first session. It was clear that Megan is incredibly intuitive, gifted, trauma-informed, passionate, and knowledgeable with her work. I look forward to going back for Hypnotherapy!"

-Melissa A.

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