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Our Process

Our energy field is a system, just like the cardiovascular or gastrointestinal system. This system is composed of an aura, meridians, & chakras. When you are in an abusive relationship or traumatic experience, your mind will disconnect from certain parts of that energy system because it is too painful to feel them or because you’ve lost belief in that part of yourself. Due to this, you can imagine your energy system has an illusion of black holes - areas of disconnection & dissociation. These areas commonly feel hollow, void, and empty.


As a result, an individual will begin to externally fill these areas in externalized ways. For example, someone disconnected from their masculine energy might feel a need to have a masculine partner even if that person isn’t healthy for them. Someone disconnected from their self-worth might try to fill this space with temporary solutions that offer fleeting moments of worthiness, like shopping, for example. It is also common for an individual to experience depression, anxiety, or develop an addiction to temporarily fill these spaces in their energy system. All of these external behaviors reflect a way for an individual to have their needs met, which is why they are so challenging to quit. 


Do you want to quit spending your free time in an endless pursuit of fulfilling these needs, which stem from unresolved abuse or trauma? Do you want to know how to quit the externalized, unhealthy ways you’re meeting your needs? The answer lies in reconnection. Your energy system is still whole. Your mind has just disconnected to feeling certain parts of it. Everything you need is inside of you… right now.


During Hypnotherapy Regression Journeys and/or Reiki, I help individuals reconnect to the areas in their energy field they have “shut off” due to chronic stress, chronic abuse, chronic or acute trauma, trauma bonding, pain, oppression, narcissistic relationships, or domestic violence. In addition to energy reconnection, these sessions, along with Coaching services, help individuals identify the core root cause to their issue, find acceptance, reframe limiting beliefs, release trauma, obtain self-worth, discover self-love, enhance self-acceptance, facilitate forgiveness, develop belief for themselves, and restore their voice. As a result, symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, or addiction, will naturally dissipate from your mind, body, energy field, and life.

Wildflower Wellness Center offers mind, body, energy, and lifestyle recovery services within five categories:

1.) Wellness Plans: Choose a long-term Wellness Plan to begin mind, body, energy, and lifestyle recovery and transformation.

2.) Individual Sessions: Choose an individually tailored Coaching, Reiki, or Hypnotherapy session for short-term wellness goals. This is a supplemental service to compliment the work that you are doing with another mental health clinician or practitioner.

3.) Online Self-help Program, Wildflower Wellness Journey: Privately recover and transform in the comfort of your home at a pace that feels right for you. We also offer discounted support sessions for program members that need additional guidance.

4.) Courses: Become a Level I, II, or III Certified Reiki Practitioner as you begin your journey from Reiki Student to Reiki Practitioner to Reiki Teacher. 

5.) Events and Retreats: Join Wildflower Wellness Center as we offer group hypnotherapy journeys at local events, community centers, or retreats. 

Below, I will provide detailed information about each category:

Wellness  Plans

Wellness Plans include the Abuse Recovery Coaching Plan (Self-Awareness Discovery), Reiki - Seven Chakra Journey Plan (Body, Energy, and Mind Reconnection), Wounded Self Hypnotherapy Plan (Mind Clearing and Reprogramming), and Dream-Building Coaching Plan (Lifestyle Change). We recommend moving in order through each separate Wellness Plan if you desire to experience a full mind, body, energy, and lifestyle transformation. This is certainly not a requirement or expectation though. During the complimentary consultation, we will be able to discuss which plan or pathway of plans will most effectively meet your needs and wellness goals. In addition, we have supplemental Wellness Plans to support your family members who have also been affected by chronic abuse and trauma. These include the Abuse Recovery Coaching Plan for family members and the Adolescent Recovery Coaching Plan for teens.

Abuse Recovery Coaching Plan (Self-Awareness Discovery): If you struggle with self-doubt and uncertainty, you are not alone. Long-term abuse or chronic trauma causes issues with the brain's functioning that lead to these symptoms. Other symptoms include low self-worth, lack of confidence, confusion, disbelief in yourself, and feeling guilt or shame regularly. It is also common to still feel an attachment to the individual that abused you. For 6 consecutive weeks, we will meet on a weekly basis to enhance your self-awareness, improve clarity, release limiting beliefs, and discard self-doubt. These sessions will help you develop skills to improve emotional regulation and coping in healthy ways. 

Cost: $480, Time: 1 hour sessions for 6 weeks, In person or virtual availability

Reiki - Seven Chakra Journey Plan (Body, Energy, and Mind Reconnection)Reiki translates to universal energy. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation. It is an alternative healing technique based on channeling energy to activate natural healing processes to restore physical and emotional well-being.  Your energy field is a system composed of an aura, meridians, and chakras. Each chakra within the energy field holds a story. Due to abuse, childhood limiting beliefs, or chronic trauma, chakras can become disconnected or dissociated from, which is sometimes referred to as "being blocked." When disconnected from, an individual struggles to connect to the energy and attributes held within that energetic area. For 7 consecutive weeks, we will meet in person to focus on one chakra at a time as you journey through the chakras and step into energetic awareness and reconnection.

Cost: $560, Time: 1 hour sessions for 7 weeks, In person recommended

Wounded Self Hypnotherapy Plan (Mind Clearing and Reprogramming): When individuals are exposed to chronic abuse or trauma, they can struggle to process their experiences. These unprocessed experiences live within the subconscious mind. Living in a fear-based survival state leads to a plethora of uncomfortable symptoms or mental health issues, including low self-worth, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, addiction, or unhealthy ways to cope. During this Wellness Plan, we will meet biweekly for a Hypnotherapy Regression Journey to assist the wounded part of you that needs to process painful past experiences and recover. I will guide you to discover the core root cause, reframe limiting beliefs that developed due to the abuse, detach from holding on to this so that you can finally let it go, release shame or guilt, and find radical acceptance. Purchase this plan if you are ready to find safety, answers, and clarity to integrate this disconnected part of you back into the timeline of your life.

Cost: $590, Time: 1.5 hour sessions biweekly for 8 weeks, In person recommended

Dream-Building Coaching Plan (Lifestyle Change): During this wellness plan, you will be guided to discover and/or enhance your vision/dream lifestyle. For five consecutive weeks, I will coach you to enhance your clarity, improve your intuition, release limiting beliefs, navigate obstacles, and develop an action plan.

Cost: $430, Time: 1 hour sessions weekly for 5 weeks, In person or virtual availability

Supplemental Wellness Plans

Family Abuse Recovery Coaching Plan: Abuse, chronic trauma, narcissistic relationships, or domestic violence causes a stressful and chaotic household family dynamic. Household members who live in this survival state might experience heightened emotional reactions, increased conflict, control issues, hyperfixation, and the development of limiting beliefs. Other symptoms include low self-worth, lack of confidence, confusion, self-doubt, disbelief in yourself, and holding onto shame and guilt that you struggle to release. If a parent leaves, children might suffer from abandonment issues and feel as if they are unworthy or unwanted. Family members might also experience trust issues and resentment, which breaks the foundation that healthy relationships need to thrive. These sessions will also help you develop skills to improve emotional regulation and coping in healthy ways. 

Cost: $480, Time: 1 hour sessions for 6 weeks, In person or virtual availability

Adolescent Recovery Coaching Plan: Adolescents who have experienced chronic abuse or trauma are also navigating a multitude of other factors, including hormonal changes, peer pressure, social norm expectations, and an internal drive to move into an independent identity outside of their family unit. As a result, teenagers might appear oppositional or defiant. They might also struggle with depression, anxiety, low self-worth, or addiction. During this 6-week coaching plan, I will teach your adolescent the skills they need to thrive. These include emotional regulation skills, coping skills, problem-solving strategies, confidence-building skills, and communication skills. These skills will become tools that adolescents can utilize to improve the relationship between their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. 

Cost: $480, Time: 1 hour sessions for 6 weeks, In person or virtual availability

Individual Sessions

For short-term wellness goals, I offer individualized Hypnotherapy Regression Journey, Past Life Regression Journey, Reiki, and Coaching. This would be recommended for clients that feel "stuck" in particular areas and need short-term assistance. This is recommended if you are an individual who is already working with another mental health clinician or practitioner, but would like to incorporate an energy-focused session that will be supplemental to the work you are doing. 

Online Program

Wildflower Wellness Journey is a guided online self-help program that will guide you to reclaim your power and energetically reconnect after chronic abuse and trauma. The greatest healer, guide, and support system dwells within you. To find it, you simply need to begin the journey inward. This online journey will guide you to flow away from depression, anxiety, or addiction into self-acceptance, self-worth. and self-love. Self-love is the magical elixir that allows you to rewrite your story from a series of powerless moments into a tale of empowerment. Surpass limiting beliefs and fears so that you can blossom into the best version of yourself. Discover your heart's dreams and inner truth. This online program combines the four Wellness Plans we offer, including Abuse Recovery Coaching, Reiki - Seven Chakra Journey, Wounded Self Hypnotherapy Plan, and Dream-Building Coaching Plan. 

Divided into three phases, this online program involves weekly engagement with writing prompts and prerecorded audio sessions, including guided Reiki sessions, Higher-Self-Journeys, a Past Life Regression, & Guided Visualization Meditations. Each phase of this journey is designed to last for 3 months, meaning the program takes time, but you are encouraged to move at whatever pace feels right for you. You will see transformation happening all along the way.

What benefits will I receive in each phase? 
Phase 1 (Body & Energy Connection): Reiki, Grounding, Meditation, Reconnection 

Phase 2 (Mind Clearing): Reprogramming, Activating, Connecting, Discovery 

Phase 3 (Dream Discovery): Coaching, Dream-Building, Growth Plan


Become a Level I, II, or III Certified Reiki Practitioner. Each Level includes a person-centered and level-appropriate discussion about Reiki, a Reiki Attunement/Ceremony, and a Reiki manual. It is recommended to wait 6 months in between levels to shift, release, and integrate into the higher vibrational energy, but feel free to move through the levels at a pace that feels right for you.


What does each level represent?

Level I - Connect to Reiki to begin a physical and emotional inner healing journey.

Level II - Become a Certified Reiki Practitioner to begin offering Reiki to others to assist them on their inner healing journeys.

Level III - Become a Certified Master Reiki Practitioner to begin teaching Reiki to students.

Retreat or Events

Join Wildflower Wellness Center while we offer group hypnotherapy journeys or group reiki meditations at local events, centers, or retreats. These events will be scheduled monthly at different locations to integrate our services into the community at a lower cost. If you would like to attend, visit our homepage to access our calendar. If you are a business founder and would like to schedule our services at your upcoming event or retreat, feel free to email us. 

We offer sliding scale for individual sessions and actively work with clients who have barriers and obstacles to their mental health recovery. We will meet you where you're at and help you find possibilities. To blossom into the best version of yourself, schedule a complimentary wellness consultation by clicking here.

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